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Message from your President

OWIN Spring Newsletter

Welcome to Spring

Hmmm maybe we already had it in March. Hopefully we will get some warm weather so when we are finally out of lockdown we can all go out and play!

How has Covid-19 changed your business? I know I have learned some new ways to do my business. I started a new business in March and since we can't go into peoples homes I have had to learn how to do meetings on Zoom and use docusign. I have also learned how to use my IPad as more of a business tool and not just for games and email.

Here are some tips for working from home.

Keep to a schedule: Wake up at the same time and keep your morning rituals. Start work at the same time and don't forget to take breaks so you are more productive.

Keep up your dress code: Dress for business so when you are done you can enjoy your comfy clothes. This will help you with a professional mindset.

Keep your strength up: Working from home can be a challenge especially when you're not alone. Make sure to get up and walk around and it is important to eat healthy. Make your lunch break and opportinuty to stand up and cook something fast and fun.

Keep the conversation going: Even if you are an introvert going into the office provides much needed social interaction. At home you may be cut off from that contact and support. Make a point of having at least one phone call or Zoom meeting everyday.

Keep the tunes coming: Don't let quiet take over just fire up your radio or  play music on your computer and let the productivity flow. Music gives us energy and puts us in a happy place.

Stay safe.

Tammy Burdett,

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Welcome New Members

Welcome New Members

We are so glad you have joined us and we look forward to getting to know each and every one of you and sharing the excitement about your businesses and your lives.

If you have any questions regarding membership, what OWIN is about, or what some of the benefits are, please contact us. We are more than willing to help.

Here are the wonderful new women arriving in OWIN since our last newsletter:

Welcome our newest OWIN members:

  • Catherine Bingham
  • Charlotte Cuthbert - Office Queen
  • Lydia Della Rocca - Fareconnect.com Inc.
  • Dawn Ellis - Job Link
  • Alyssa Humphrey - The Social Factory
  • Julie Jeffries - Virtual Brainery
  • Patsy Newcomen-Wale - Job Links
  • Angila Peters - Digitelle Creative Marketing Agency
  • Angela Poirier - Sylvanfire Designs
  • Doris Weir - Tru Elegance Photography

Yes, networking works!

Our members get to know each other and their various businesses by getting together, sharing ideas on business matters and personal growth. We have a very strong history of networking that continues on today - we support each other and recommend our fellow OWIN members' businesses wherever we can. Together we are strong. Without our members continuing to tell their friends and co-workers about our group, we certainly wouldn't have grown and continued to be an excellent networking group in this community for as long as we have!! We are just starting our 25th year. So thank you to everyone who is an advocate for OWIN. We appreciate you.

BUT!!!!! How do we network in this weird time in 2020 with no social gatherings in person?

Well it takes more work - but the on line via facetime, Skype, Zoom and even the old fashioned telephone are ways to connect. Our database of members offers direct contact to find someone in a business that you need AND our private members' group on facebook provides a way to ask any kind of question you want to ask. Maybe you live alone and just want to have a coffee and a phone chat with a member that you've not met before. Maybe you live with your family and just want an adult conversation that does not involve a type of math that you don't understand. You'd like to chat with a fellow small business owner or just another local woman who might have a moment to listen to your questions, frustrations or brilliant ideas that you'd like to bounce around. We ARE there to help and support you.

Don't forget to "LIKE" us on Facebook and find out what's new. And if you click on that like button it will drop down to enable you to click on "Get Notifications". Once you are a paid member of OWIN you can become part of our closed Facebook group where we share special opportunities for members only. You can make special promotions or announcements or ask questions for our members in this group. This is a secure and private group.

Welcome ALL!!!

Come on IN and get to know each other (virtually for now). Each encounter might just bring that great link to a new friend, a new business for purchase or exchange, a new business opportunity or a person to recommend to a friend who is looking for what this OWIN member has to offer. The world is still our oyster. We just have to pry a little harder.

Stay safe out there everyone. Hugs....S>

Susan Winlaw
Membership Director

Membership Incentive Program

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Message from the Nominations Committee

Dear Members,

Oxford Women In Networking, is seeking nominations for its 2020-2021 Board of Directors.

Under the circumstances of COVID-19 we know that OWIN is not top priority right now however as an organization we must look into the future and follow our constitution as a voting membership to vote in board directors which must be done at our AGM on June 29th either in a physical location or online. The positions that are available are

  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Events Director
  • Sponsorship Director 

Why participate on OWIN's Board?

Through your participation on the Board of Directors of Oxford Women In Networking, you will have opportunities of growth, self-development, and understand the life cycle of membership; engagement from prospect to member to leader to mentor.

This is essential to the management of Oxford Women In Networking. More importantly it builds trust between members and ensures the success of OWIN in the present and future!

As a Volunteer Board, we are always learning from each other, sharing a vision for Women in our community! We strive to connect, be diverse through a provision of interesting and informative programs, strive for high-quality communications while supporting one another as we learn, share and grow together! 

As a Board Member of OWIN, you will work with a group of women who continue to invest their time and energy to make this a welcoming place for new members to come and thrive to keep a great networking group available!

If you would like to join the Board or be on a Committee, contact the Nomination Committee to discuss nominating yourself for a position or please submit names of those whom you would like to represent your interests on the OWIN Board.

If you are unsure, contact a current Board member or one of the Nominating Committee Members, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

You can contact the Nominating Committee by emailing them [email protected] 

Download the Job Descriptions and Nomination form and email to [email protected].

Deadline for Nominations is May 31st, 2020.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Mary Ann Luckhurst-Member
Sheila Brooks-Member
Jane Ross, Past President
OWIN Nominating Committee 2020/2021


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Message from Your Vice President

Happy Spring

The beginning of 2020 has certainly not been typical or one we will ever forget, but it has been humbling to see our community come together to stay safe, support one another personally and continue encouraging our fellow business owners in such turbulent times.

OWIN has continued to meet (virtually) as a board during the COVID-19 isolation, to best determine how we move forward with our members, social and networking events and businesses in mind.

We are excited to have launched our Mentorship Pilot Program in April with some great matches and very eager participants! The mentorship committee will be checking in and following up with our match pairs throughout the program. We wish all our Protégé and Mentor matches great success as they support relationship and business development, skill and knowledge enhancement and stewardship through online/virtual meetings and phone calls.

Our AGM is just around the corner (although we will unfortunately not be able to see each other in person), I encourage all our OWIN members to take an active interest in Board of Directors and/or Committee work. We are always looking for new/fresh ideas, innovation and further enhancement of how OWIN can best support our entire membership! Your experience and voice is appreciated and joining us at the planning level is a great way to become further involved J 

I would like to personally wish all the 2019/2020 OWIN members good health, support and encouragement to stay strong and stay positive this spring!

Cannot wait to see you all again in person at an OWIN event or in your place of business soon!

Take Care!!

Ashlee Hall
Vice President

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Spotlight on Members

Spotlight on Members

Each issue, in our Spotlight on Members, we will feature two Board Members and two OWIN members who regularly attend our networking lunches.

In this issue, we feature Jennifer Boyar of sixthirtynine restaurant, Alayne Brisson of ARB Photography, Tammy Burdett of Tocara and Judith Fleming of Lilybear Dance Boutique.

Jennifer Boyar - sixthirtynine

Jennifer Boyar
sixthirtynine restaurant

If you would have asked me 10 years ago where I would be, I don't think I would have ever imagined here, but I am truly happy and very content being a woman of business in the city of Woodstock. I started my journey into my career as a Registered Nurse, graduating from George Brown College in Toronto, ON with honours. I took courses to earn my BScN at McMaster University in Hamilton. My initial work in Nursing focused on acute and critical care. When family life became more of my focus I transitioned to public health and became a teletriage nurse at Telehealth in London, ON. My husband, Eric, who is also the Chef and co-owner of Sixthirtynine restaurant accepted my working at the restuarant while we were having and raising our children as a way to gain part-time employment because he felt the flexibilty, and my personaility would be a good fit and help us to balance family life. Little did I know after some time, that the business would have greater opportunity for me. In 2014, after having our 3rd baby, I chose to stay home with our 3 young girls, not return to my Nursing career, and work part time at Sixthirtynine. I loved working at the restuarant, and felt fullfilled in doing so. I found there were many transferrable skills from Nursing I was using, multi-tasking, prioritizing, critical thinking, etc..

Read the rest of Jenn's bio and view her contact info here or visit her website.

Alayne BrissonAlayne Brisson
ARB Photography

Alayne Brisson is the owner of ARB Photography which caters to corporate as well as retail customers. Her photography is sold in retail locations in Oxford County as well as in Burk's Falls, Ontario. She not only creates framed pieces of art, but makes note cards, post cards, bookmarks and other merchanise potraying her images. ARB Photography also specializes in photography for business - images for websites, product brochures, magazines, head shots and other promotional tools. Alayne also hosts photo tours with Photo Tour Trekkers.

Read the rest of Alayne's bio and find her contact information here or visit her website.

Tammy BurdettTammy Burdett
CST Consultants Inc. /Tocara
OWIN President

I have been in the Home based show business for over 20 years and now I am adding a new business to my portfolio!

Along with Tocara I am also with CST Consultants Inc. group RESP provider since 1960.

Tocara is fine jewerly. Tocara is based out of Quebec. We have 925 Sterling Silver that is rhodium plated to not tarnish and nickel free for allergies.

We also have 316L Stainless Steel jewelry. All of this with a lifetime warranty. I would love to give you some FREE jewelry!

For Tammy's contact info, view her profile here.

Judith FlemingJudith Fleming
Lilybear Dance Boutique
OWIN Events Director

Lilybear Dance Boutique, established in March 2007, offers a diverse selection in the Boutique! We like to encourage our customers to "Follow Your Dreams" with the latest fashions from tiny dancers to adult professionals!

We sell the best names in dance! Great selection of quality dancewear, dance tights, skating tights, gymnastics wear and dance shoes for Ballet, Pinte Shoes, Tap, Jazz, Gymnastics, Highland, Hip Hop.

Read the rest of Judith's bio here or visit her website here.

To be featured in the OWIN newsletter, you must be a current member of OWIN in good-standing, have a bio on the OWIN website, attend at least one OWIN networking lunch meeting, Signature Evening event, Speaker Series Event or Spotlight on Business event each quarter, and/or post/comment on our closed Facebook group on a regular basis. To check to see if you have a bio on our website or to view other members' bios, visit the Directory and search for yours or their name.

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Message from your Events Director

Thank you to all who attended Our OWIN International Women's Day Event! Over 160 Attendees!

#EachForEqual, Diversity for a Strong Community! #IWD2020 Event was fantastic!

Each year on March 8, International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world. It is also and a call for gender parity.

Many organizations, like OWIN, declare an annual IWD theme that supports their specific agenda or cause.

IWD is all about unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy and action – whatever that looks like globally at a local level, and it has been occurring for well over a century - and continues to grow from strength to strength.

The International Women’s Day 2020 campaign theme was #EachForEqual

Women’s Equality can’t wait! It’s going to take everyone to think and be inclusive- all the time everywhere! Let’s all get ready and do everything we can today and for women of generations to come to help forge women’s equality worldwide!

How will you help #EachForEqual?

For more about International Women’s Day, visit the IWD website.

OWIN’s International Women’s Day Committee 2020 did an amazing job co-ordinating this event!

Thank you to all of you for your time, talents and support of the work required for our event! 

Our IWD2020 Committee Members

  • Alayne Brisson
  • Tammy Burdett
  • Ashlee Hall
  • Tami Murray
  • Heather Davies
  • Tanya Vander Vecht
  • Diane Harris
  • Alyssa Humphrey
  • MC-Liz Wismer VanMeer

Our IWD Co-Chair

  • Jennifer Boyar
  • Carole Eriksson
  • Judith Fleming
  • Shelly Monaghan

Thank you to our Speakers for International Women’s Day Event 2020

IWD 2020 Speakers from left to Right Shelley Knott Fife, Robert Alexander and Lorna Larsen

Our Speakers

  • Shelley Knott Fife, Indigenous Services Canada
  • Robert Alexander, Advocate for Women, Strong Supporter Against Domestic Violence
  • Lorna Larsen, Team Shan


Early Bird Draw 

  • 639 Restaurant Gift Certificate~ Eric & Jennifer Boyar
  • Smithed Studio Jewlery Piece ~Asma Khanani
  • Photograph Acrylic Poster~ Robert Alexander Photography

Community Partners Non Profit Sponsors

  • Oxford County Pride
  • Team Shan
  • Women's Employment Resource Centre
  • Zonta Club of Woodstock
  • Wish of a Lifetime -Chartwell
  • Ingamo Homes

Bronze Sponsors

  • Action Wellness 
  • OnTrack Services
  • TireCraft
  • Lilybear Dance Boutique
  • Parion Animal Nutrition

Silver Sponsors

  • Lee Ellery Dumfries Insurance
  • Easy Way Cleaners
  • Fanshawe College
  • Clean One
  • Robert Alexander Photography

Gold Sponsors

  • Economic Developement City of Woodstock 
  • TD Bank

Venue Sponsor 

  • Quality Hotel & Suites

Media Sponsors

  • Heart Fm

Thank You to Our Wine & Spirits Cork Sponsors

  • Peter Van Boekel, TJ McDougall & Burt Wilkins Parion Animal Nutrition
  • Suzy Fisher Action Wellness Centre
  • Liz Johnston Erenne Mobile Spa 
  • Ashlee Hall-OnTrack Consulting Services
  • Carole Eriksson-Easy Way Cleaners
  • Judith Fleming-Lilybear Dance Boutique
  • Liz Wismer VamMeer
  • Jane Ross Allanti Beauty School
  • Liz Johnston-Zyia Active
  • Jennifer Boyar-Sixthirtynine
  • Tami Murray- Diversity Counselling
  • Kendra Molinaro-Dance In Style
  • Marsha Barona-Synergy Wellness
  • Shelly Monaghan-Monaghan e-Office
  • Nikki Reeves-Attention to Detail 
  • Tanya Vander Vecht-Analysis Bookkeeping and Administration
  • Frank Kornacker-Quality Tooling
  • Margaret Matuzich-Osmond-Margaret's Esthetics
  • Deb Griffith-Deb Griffith Designs

 Thank you to our Draw Table Sponsors

  • Suzy Fisher Action Wellness Centre 
  • Liz Wismer VanMeer
  • Marnie & Lish-Scotch & Lace
  • Carole Eriksson-Easy Way Cleaners
  • Alida Joubert-Chatuea La Motte Guest House
  • Rampreet-Royal Turbin 
  • Roselle Doyal-Artist
  • Rob-Home Hardeware
  • Rebecca Kitchen-Rebecca Kitchen,RMT
  • Lesley Holmes-Pilates and Stretch Studio
  • Teresa Syms-Teresa Syms Coaching
  • Bob Armstrong -Giant Tiger
  • Dulux Paint
  • Tandoori Knight
  • Don Syms-Syms Solutions
  • Lisa Silverthorne-Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Cheryl Wood -Sweatergang Companions
  • Jodan Sager-Staples
  • Jennifer Peace Hall-Finkle Street Tap & Grill
  • Amy Fleming-TD Bank
  • Heather Davies -Women's Employment Resource Centre                                

Visit our Facebook page and/or Group for more photos.

Mark Your Calendar for these Upcoming Events

Ladies Night In - Virtual Get Together
April 28th, 2020 - 7:00pm

With the closures due to COVID-19 and following the guidelines of Health Canada, we can’t host our Fun Ladies Night Out, so, we have decided to host a Ladies Night In!

Prepare a beverage and snacks to enjoy while we spend some time together virtually!

Our Theme: Breakfast at Tiffany’s!

Which means wear your favourite Little Black Dress (or Black top) with some Bling!

Make a snack and have a glass of your favourite drink ready to enjoy as we spend some time together!

What is happening at our Ladies Night In?

Well Networking of course! Sharing, laughter and checking in!

To join click this Zoom link. Or join using the Meeting ID: 977 7156 0021 and the password: 3xcj2Z

Don't forget to add our Virtual Ladies Night In to your calendar and set yourself a 15-minute reminder so you have time to make your drink first!

OWIN Spotlight on Business

OWIN's Spotlight on Business

Our next Spotlight on Business was scheduled for May 6th, 2020  to be held at Community Futures in Ingersoll. However, due to COVID-19, we will now host a Zoom Spotlight & Share on Facebook.

Join us to Spotlight Our Members Lindsay Wilson, Shelley Monaghan, Mary Jakeman & Kelsey Streef.

To participate, click this Zoom link. Or use the Meeting ID: 930 4231 1154 and enter the following password: 1pB9zi

OWIN’s AGM – June 29th, 2020

Plans were to have our Annual General Meeting at Southgate Centre 5:30-9:00pm

We now plan to have a Zoom Meeting AGM. We will send you a link and our theme closer to the date.

We may be in our homes, but we can still continue to look to the future and have a little bit of fun while doing it!! This meeting will be to Vote in our NEW Board of Directors!

Please SAVE the DATE! Make yourself a snack and enjoy a glass of wine or your favourite beverage and make this important vote!

We will remind you and send out links to both these upcoming events!

Check Facebook, and OWIN website for the dates!

Look forward to seeing you all soon at one or all of our amazing VIRTUAL events!!

Judith Fleming
Director of Events

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