OWIN Mentoring Program

It is the vision of OWIN to be the forum for women to learn and grow both personally and professionally. One of the ways we can encourage the growth of our members is to have a platform for members who are seeking help with their growth. 

We have already established our membership is a safe place for women, and that we believe in maintaining a noncompetitive environment so our members are relaxed and able to enjoy the comradier of other, like minded women.

Our Mentorship Program provides the vehicle for our members to learn from each other, to encourage one another, and to help each other. Some of us will know exactly where we want to go in life, but many of us need a little direction to help us find our own path of success.

Success is not just something that is achieved only through a career, sometimes success is just being able to open your mind to the possibilities that are out there. You must be able to recognize every opportunity, and know that it is only waiting to be grasped and moulded by the right person.

A mentor is a guide. Guides point out the sights, they try to keep you safe from troubled waters. A mentor is also a confidant, someone you can be secure in knowing you can speak your mind without the fear of reprisal, or of discovery when you want privacy.

A mentee is someone who wants to look at everything, they want to touch every thing, but they want to know they are safe doing so. They need to be able to ask questions, to confide their fears, and receive help facing them.

OWIN is proud to be able to offer a Mentoring Program. We know there can be a tremendous impact on the people who participate in such a program.

if you would like to participate in this program to experience the benefits others have already enjoyed, please complete the Mentor Application OR the Mentee Application by clicking the appropriate link below.

Mentor Application

Mentee Application