Jennifer Boyar

Six Thirty Nine

If you would have asked me 10 years ago where I would be, I don't think I would have ever imagined here, but I am truly happy and very content being a woman of business in the city of Woodstock. I started my journey into my career as a Registered Nurse, graduating from George Brown College in Toronto, ON with honours. I took courses to earn my BScN at McMaster University in Hamilton. My initial work in Nursing focused on acute and critical care. When family life became more of my focus I transitioned to public health and became a teletriage nurse at Telehealth in London, ON. My husband, Eric, who is also the Chef and co-owner of Sixthirtynine restaurant accepted my working at the restuarant while we were having and raising our children as a way to gain part-time employment because he felt the flexibilty, and my personaility would be a good fit and help us to balance family life. Little did I know after some time, that the business would have greater opportunity for me. In 2014, after having our 3rd baby, I chose to stay home with our 3 young girls, not return to my Nursing career, and work part time at Sixthirtynine. I loved working at the restuarant, and felt fullfilled in doing so. I found there were many transferrable skills from Nursing I was using, multi-tasking, prioritizing, critical thinking, etc..But most of all, caring for people, and giving them the most heartfelt dining  experience was the best. How amazing was it to put forth the passion my husband has always had for the quality of food we provide and merry that with genuine care and detail oriented service. I love what I do, and as of January 1 2019, after my husband's partner, who is also my mother-in-law retired, I was privileged to take on ownership of this small business along with him. It is has been a whirlwind to take on the mulititude of responsibilties required of me, and admittedly I have developed the shortcoming of simply having no time. I wish I could do so much more, I do what I can, but I have to care for 2 families now, our home family and our restuarnt family. This has been the best and most trying experience of my life. I thought I had no "time" before, but now I truly don't. I can only hope that those that know me well, know that this a time I have to give everything I have, and when I have time, I will be there. I guess thats how you truly know who will be with you along this journey in life. Join us at sixthirtynine for a dining experience that includes original plates that are handcrafted by professinoal staff, using local ingredients. Our wines and drink lists are curated by edcuated staff, and remain local with adequate international representation. We are small a small 30 seat venue, but we also have the addiiton of our seasonal patio in warmer weather and a Chef's Table in our kitchen that offers the most ubique front row seat to your dinner service. We offer lunch takeout sandwich specials that we post Wed-Fri on Facebook exclusively. I look forward to growing our business alongside the incredible women in OWIN and gaining  partnerships and friendships for years to come.