10 Tips To Help Other OWIN Members And Your Own Business

Posted by Karen C on 07/12/2020 12:00 am  /   Business Tips

Top Tips for helping other OWIN members and your own business

10 Tips To Help Other OWIN Members And Your Own Business

Although some businesses are now open, there are still some that are struggling or cannot yet open due to government restrictions and/or financial viability. Those that are open may have restricted schedules and customer numbers, and/or need to implement strict health and safety policies and procedures for servicing clients, resulting in higher overheads, fewer clients and reduced income.

Maybe as a business owner, you are still struggling, because you cannot open yet, or you cannot afford to work reduced hours and implement new expensive health & safety procedures after several months of no revenue. Perhaps the impact of COVID-19 hit you later and you’re only now feeling the financial effects.

Here Are Some 10 Tips For Helping Other OWIN Members And Your Own Business.

  1. Revamp your OWIN member profile and make sure it’s up to date, with your product or service offering, your hours of business and any new health & safety policies and procedures you may have in place.
  2. Consider offering subscriptions or payment installments to clients who may also struggling to encourage them to use your services now.
  3. Browse the OWIN Member Directory to discover who its members are and to learn about each business.
  4. Connect with each member, especially those whose businesses may not be open yet, and see how you can collaborate with or help each other.
  5. If a member offers gift cards for something you use, want or need, consider purchasing one now to use when things get back to normal.
  6. Share business posts you see in the OWIN Facebook group to your own timeline to keep other members top of mind with your own circle when their business opens up again.
  7. Ensure you have a social media presence and consider creating videos (or even Facebook lives) to share tips, information and advice.
  8. If you know a member is struggling, ask how you can help (even if it’s just to listen).
  9. Offer virtual consultations, advice and/or training to groups of clients who may also be struggling so you stay front of mind until they are ready to purchase.
  10. Use this time for professional and/or personal development by attending training webinars, taking online courses and joining industry-related Facebook groups.