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What is a Table Sponsor?

 A Table Sponsor is, first and foremost, a member of Oxford Women in Networking (OWIN), with product(s) and/or services to offer to other women.

 Why would you want to be a Table Sponsor?

To give women at Oxford Women in Networking events an opportunity to become familiar with, and possibly win, your product/service.

Oxford Women in Networking promotes and supports all members by buying products and services from one another.

 How do you become a Table Sponsor?

By donating a gift/or service that has a retail value of a minimum of fifty dollars ($50) to be displayed on the Sponsorship table at an Oxford Women in Networking meeting. You will have an opportunity to come to the podium to explain/promote your products/service, and  make a draw from the members in attendance to receive your Table Sponsor gift.  

Who do you contact to make your donation?

There is a questionnaire during registration where you can say YES to table sponsor.  Otherwise, contact [email protected] or [email protected]