Policy Regarding Mass Emails

Oxford Women In Networking (OWIN)

Policy Regarding Mass Emails (Blasts) For Members

Due to the number of requests submitted, the OWIN Board of Directors have determined it is necessary to implement a policy regarding email “Blasts” or Mass emails to the OWIN membership.

Anyone who would like to have emails sent to our membership is able to contact our members personally. Each member has the ability to make their contact information, including their email address, public or private on the OWIN website, in their personal profile.

The OWIN Board of Directors will not knowingly jeopardize the privacy of any OWIN member, or any other individual.

The OWIN website Communications module helps the Board of Directors keep our members advised of upcoming meetings, meeting notes, special events, and other information that may be of interest to our members. It is NOT a platform for advertising.

Members have the ability to advertise on our website, and a special rate of $240/year which is equivalent to $20/month, has been established. Only members are able to take advantage of this incredible opportunity for inexpensive advertising.

Email “Blasts” or Mass emails to the OWIN membership has advantages, and we recognize that our members could benefit from utilizing this method of advertising. However, this type of communication can absorb hours of commitment from people already volunteering many hours of their personal time. All members of the Board of Directors are Volunteers.

In order to accommodate our members and provide everyone with equal opportunity, the Board of Directors have discussed and agree that the Communication module on our website may be utilized by all members provided:

i)                    Information is readily available to upload;

ii)                  Members provide details a minimum of 72 hours in advance, and must be in receipt of a confirmation that the material has been received to circulate;

iii)                Members agree to pay a minimum of $40 per communication; negotiable if extensive time is required (pre-determined and agreed upon);

iv)                Member agrees to be responsible for content of communication.

An invoice will be emailed and payment is required upon receipt. The funds generated from this activity will be collected and deposited into the OWIN bank account.

All requests are to be sent to [email protected] with your contact information.