$50.00 Member Photo Fabulous ($40.00 for photos and $10.00 for Wine & Cheese Social)

$10.00 Wine & Cheese Social only











The Presidents of OWIN Invite You to

Photo Fabulous for 2017    


 Saturday, January  28th, 2017


at Allanti Beauty Supply and Spa

  Wine & Cheese 

          Personalized Photo Session with photographer Anne Bedard

Set time for photo session, 10~15 minute session

3 Full Resolution Digital Images - retouched, in both colour & black/white


           2 Chances to Win Hair & Makeup, to be done that day,     at Allanti Beauty Supply & Spa


Great time to update your OWIN Profile Photo

Be photo ready for a profile in the upcoming "Celebrating Women " ~Snapd Edition  in Conjuction with OWIN and Women's International Day to be held in March 




Privileged Access


"Privileged Access" allows our members to see “behind the scenes”, to learn how each business operates, what products and services they offer, what markets they serve, how they contribute to the community and what qualifications people need to have in order to be considered as potential employees.

"Privileged Access"events support our objective of getting to know, like and trust our fellow members.

If you are interested in holding a "Privileged Access" event, please contact one of the board members with your proposal, including the date and time! Events will be coordinated on a first come, first serve basis.

Each event will be open to all members, and to women who are interested in becoming a member! 

This is  a FREE Event, but registration will be required for snack/beverage purposes




Finkle Street Tap & Grill

NOON-1:00 PM 1st Thursday of the month

450 Simcoe Street,  Woodstock


 Last Wednesday of the month

NOON-1:00 PM      

                       At the Elmhurst Ingersoll


   The Cup & Cake

150 Broadway St, Tillsonburg

The 2nd Tuesday of the month 



Starting November 2016

The Lantern Tea Room

on Stover Street in Norwich

The 3rd Tuesday of the month

NOON - 1pm




OWIN     Box 210     622 Dundas Street     Woodstock   ON.     N4S 1E2





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